2 Ingredient Homemade Cooking Spray

2 Ingredient Homemade Cooking Spray

If you regularly use commercial cooking sprays then you should toss out that iconic aerosol can now. They contain unhealthy additives that harm us.

Making your own products is always a better option and we have a great recipe for you to make your own cooking spray that doesn’t contain harmful ingredients.

How To Make Homemade Cooking Spray


You’ll need:

– a spray bottle

– olive oil (or any other kind of oil, except coconut because of its low melting point)

– distilled water (you can use boiled or filtered)

Add equal parts of water and olive oil to your spray bottle.

Shake well to mix the oil and water, and you’re done!
See how easy that was? Why consume food-grade alcohol, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide or propane when you can whip this up in less than one minute?

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